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  • Cut off times to get a care pack ordered?
  • When will the Spring/Seasonal care pack be available?
  • How many care packs can I order per month for various inmates?
  • Please use the 5 digit ID number.
  • How do I place an order?

    You can place your order directly from this website 24 hours per day

    • Register if you are a new user
    • Sign In if you are a returning user
    • Type an Inmate Name or Inmate Number in the Search area
    • Click on “Select” from the list of inmates in the Search Results. Make sure to select the correct inmate. Refunds will not be made if you send a Caring Pack to an wrong inmate.
    • Shop for the Caring Pack of your choice
    • Click on “Read More” to learn more about the products in a Caring Pack
    • Click on “See The Products” to learn more about the products in a Caring Pack
    • Click on “buy now” to purchase a Caring Pack
    • Confirm your contact information to ensure you will receive a receipt for the Caring Pack you are about to order
    • Confirm the Inmate Name, Inmate Number and take note of the estimated delivery date. You will not be allowed to order another Caring Pack for this inmate during the calendar month that the estimated delivery date states
    • Click “Next” to complete the order OR Click “Cancel” to cancel this order
    • Enter Credit Card or Debit Card Information
    • If your payment is successful you will then see a Payment Successful screen
    • You will receive an email with your order information

  • If an inmate has received a Caring Pack this calendar month can I order a Caring Pack and have it delivered next month?
  • How many Packs can I send to an Inmate?
  • Can you hold packs for a specific date?
  • Do you make substitutions?
  • What happens if the package is refused at the correctional facility?
  • I have selected an inmate, but it shows Warning and they are unable to receive a package. Why?
  • Can a prison reject a shipment to a particular inmate?
  • How long does it take for my package to be received?
  • Will I receive confirmation that the package was shipped?
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